Help My Marketing offer individual coaching or consulting

Coaching and consulting

Perhaps you have also experienced that you are feeling stocked in your business. You might be running out of ideas, or you might be simply spinning your wheels without getting anywhere. The life of Internet marketing can be intimidating, and deciding how you should promote your business or service is not easy. We can help you with:

  •     Ideas for promoting your business or services
  •     Suggest products or services that can help you in your marketing.
  •     Help you to evaluate services from other companies (SEO/SEM)
  •     Evaluation your business plan
  •     Strategies for joint ventures
  •     Lead generation
  •     Email marketing
  •     Video marketing
  •     SEM/SEO

How does it work?

First, you contact us and we set up a FREE Skype meeting. During the call, we find out what you need, and if we are able to help you. If there is a match, we make a plan together and set up some dates for  future Skype sessions (usually 30-60 minutes). There is no minimum or no maximum – you decide how much you need us.

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