Our Services

internet marketing and social mediaWe are offering different kind of services, mainly focusing on marketing for business and product owners. Our main focus is to help you to gain more exposure, generate leads and turn your leads into sales.

We have specialized in local SEO, and we have already helped a lot of local business owners to secure their spot on top of Google, and drive traffic and sales to their business. Our goal is always to generate results, and we don’t mind being measured by the results we create for your business.

It is mandatory for us that our customers know exactly what is going on – so we put an honor in keeping you updated about the results we create, and is always interested in your feedback. We believe that being transparent you are completely confident about what kind of ROI you get for your money. Customer satisfaction is the corner stone in our entire business.

We are offering the following services:

  • Local business promoting (SEO/SEM/VIDEO)
  • Video creation (Production, SEO and distributing)
  • Lead generation
  • Product promotion
  • Outsourcing of development or design projects
  • Project management
  • Consulting and coaching


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